Our wellness department is excited to help our customers find wellness products and foods that will help them optimize their health. From general immune support to pediatric wellness, our Wellness Team can help you. The department carries a wide variety of nutritional supplements for:

  • Stress/anxiety, mental clarity & mood

  • Adrenal health, energy & sleep

  • Immune support

  • Digestion, detox, liver & kidneys

  • Heart health: cholesterol & sugar metabolism

  • Blood health: antioxidants

  • Inflammation

  • Men & women's health

  • Vision, hair, skin & nails

  • Metabolism support

  • Cold & flu

We also have a full department of body care products featuring local and regionally crafted soaps, salve, balms, candles and more! The wellness team also manages the Bulk Herbs, Teas & Spices department where you will find 250 different items for culinary, herbal, or personal care use. 

Every first Wednesday of the month our team will choose a health topic and offer educational information on this theme, do tastings, demos, tea blends, and a raffle. On the first Wednesday of the month owners get 15% off all supplements while everyone receives 10% off.


Meet Our Wellness Manager: Allison Brown

Growing up in the Southwest and living in the Northwest for some time, Allison has returned to Chicago to share in what she has learned and picked up along the way.
With almost 10 years of Farmers Market experience, organizing group projects and receiving an Associates Degree in Holistic Nutrition and Western Herbalism, Allison is glad to be apart of the Sugar Beet co-op Wellness team. It is a big passion of hers to teach and empower individuals or groups about clean whole foods and the accessibility to self care.

In her off time she is working on a seasonal herb and nutrition zine that include recipes, stories and plant identification. She is always planning her next travel adventure-experiencing other areas and communities is highly important to her. You can find her in the Wellness aisle at the Sugar Beet.
Allison can be reached at:  wellness@sugarbeet.coop

In Sanskrit, Vayas signifies Health, Vigor, Energy, Strength and Prime of life. It also means Bird, specifically the crow.  Vayas owner, Susan Crowe is dedicated to the power of herbs and essential oils and the seemingly endless applications they have had on her life. Disheartened by the toxic chemicals in commercially-made health and beauty products, she took it upon herself to prepare her own. After years of personal use and sharing her products with family and friends, she considered it was time to share her hand-crafted, homegrown products with you.

Scratch Goods is a Chicago skincare salon and goods maker using consciously-sourced food-grade ingredients to provide the best in holistic self-care. They never use parabens, chemical detergents, synthetic fragrances, dyes, or test on animals. Scratch Goods always list our ingredients clearly, source materials consciously & formulate with your health in mind!

Sweet Beginnings, LLC makes the family of beelove™ products, an all natural line of raw honey and honey-infused body care products. The honey is extracted from their vey own all-natural urban apiary in the heart of the North Lawndale community in Chicago. Their honey is known for its complex flavor, a result of the varied flora of our urban environment. Their beelove™ skin care products are of exceptional quality and are all unique in their use of the natural gift of honey as a moisturizer. Not only do they respect the earth in the production of our products, but they also provide important transitional job opportunities for area residents who struggle with barriers to employment.

Four Elements.png

Four Elements Herbals Organics are dedicated to organics, certified since 1990, owing deep respect and gratitude for Nature, the source of our healing ingredients.  Look for arnica cream, organic soaps and organic body lotions, herbal tinctures and delicious herbal teas among our award winning products. Their herbal wellness products are grown, perfected, and packaged from their farm in the pristine Baraboo Bluffs of Wisconsin.  


Mama Grows is the brainchild of Jill Cohen Niewoehner is a Jack-of-all-trades producer and owner in the Sugar Beet Food Co-op. She crafts small-batch, handmade soap and body care using all natural ingredients: colorants/scents including spices, clays, teas, cocoa powder, and high quality essential oils. 

Gretta’s Goats is a locally crafted artisan soap that is made with moisturizing farm fresh goat milk, organic sustainable vegetable and essential oils. The soap is carefully crafted in small batches utilizing the cold-process method of soap making.  Gretta’s mini dairy goats are seasonally milked twice daily and graze on twenty five acres of organically managed pasture at Short Leg Farm.

At Abbey Brown Soap Artisan we create hand-made natural Olive Oil soaps, soothing body oils and relaxing bathing essentials. We make all our fine products in house, infusing homegrown herbs and botanicals with pure essential oils, but that's just the beginning. Come on by, we'd love to show you how great our products are for your skin. Abbey Brown Soap Artisan is unique in this historical neighborhood in highlighting exclusive handcrafted soaps and featuring works from over 50 local artists, from pottery to paintings, jewelry to accessories, and much more.

scrub me.jpg

Katherine’s love for skin care started in 2010 when she became an Esthetician. Over the years she used her knowledge to create Scrub Me! Each and every product is made by her and her mother, together they are able to provide you with all natural, luxury, bath and body products.