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Everyone can shop The Co-op!
Sugar Beet Food Co-op is NOW OPEN to the general public everyday from 7am - 9pm. Grab your market bags and come see what the excitement is all about!
The Co-op is your one stop shop for high quality groceries and more.  

  • fresh local and organic produce
  • a HUGE bulk section
  • high quality dairy, eggs and meat
  • vegetarian, vegan and gluten free
  • frozen goods
  • wine, beer and cider
  • a beautiful wellness department
  • fresh, local breads and rolls, 
  • local cheeses and salamis
  • good food to go! sandwiches, salads, soups, wraps and dips
  • café with coffee drinks, smoothies, juices and pastries to go
We carry several Karma Kombucha flavors, including Orchard Peach, mixed Berry, and masala chai!

We carry several Karma Kombucha flavors, including Orchard Peach, mixed Berry, and masala chai!

The Sugar Beet Food Co-op is proud to feature Karma Kombucha! Karma Kombucha is Organic and craft brewed using only the finest quality ingredients and carefully controlled fermentation conditions to ensure each batch meets their high standards (and is absolutely delicious!)  The cultures have been meticulously grown over successive generations to ensure our kombucha is healthy and rich in probiotics. The kombucha is not pasteurized, heat treated, diluted nor processed to kill or reduce the beneficial microorganisms. Bottom line, with Karma Kombucha you get great-tasting, better quality raw products.

Karma Kombucha is produced locally in Vernon Hills, IL. Founder/Brewer Susan Fink is a Food Scientist who left corporate America to follow her passion of brewing kombucha. After feverish experimentation, Susan has developed a her craft brews using traditional techniques, creating a great-tasting product.


  • Rumiano
    Cheese Slices
    3.99 each
    (reg. $4.49)
  • Karma Kombucha
    $3.79 each (reg. $4.19)

  • Tomato Mountain 
    Organic Soup
    $5.79  each (reg. $7.99)

  • Milo's Poultry Farms
    Organic Eggs 
    $3.99 each (reg. $4.99 )

  • Flying Dog Brewery
    $9.99 (reg.$11.99) 

  • Bulk Section
    Organic Red Quinoa
    $5.99 /lb (reg. $7.19 /lb)

  • Shelton's
    Italian Turkey Sausage

    5.99 each (reg. 6.99)

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Photograph by Susanne Fairfax