Co-op Ownership

Sugar Beet Food Co-op is truly a community-owned grocery store. Our owners— your friends and neighbors— are actually equal owners of Sugar Beet Food Co-op. And while you don’t have to be an owner to shop at the Co-op, we hope you will consider our invitation to join. Please see the Payment Options page for details about joining the Co-op. 

OWNER Benefits

  • Democratic Governance - As an owner, you vote for the Board of Directors and changes to the co-op's bylaws. The co-op is accountable to you, the owner.

  • Active Involvement - Co-op owners are welcome to get directly involved as committee members, board members and more.

  • Owner Discounts - Sugar Beet Food Co-op will extend special pricing to owners on groceries, services and events.  These discounts are outlined below. 

  • Boosting the Local Economy - By becoming an owner of the co-op, you're supporting a business that follows sustainable business practices and purchases from other local businesses and farms.

  • Patronage Refunds - After profitable years, Sugar Beet Food Co-op Board of Directors may vote to distribute a patronage refund to its owners

  • Building Community - Our owners will receive invitations to owners-only events, workshops and tastings. 


1. Owners may choose one day per month to receive 5% off purchases.
*You'll want to save this for one of your bigger shops of the month, not the time you stop by in for bananas and coffee. 
2. Owners receive a 20% discount on special orders placed on full cases.
*Got a favorite almond milk or chocolate bar? Stock up and save 20% when you order it by the case.
3. Owner-Only Sales
*Throughout the store you will find Owner-Only Sales- just for you! Many Co-ops around the country will honor your Sugar Beet Food Co-op ownership and give you Owner-Only sales in their stores. Be sure to ask if/when you're checking out at other co-ops around the country.
4. Wellness Wednesdays
*The first Wednesday of each month is Wellness Wednesday and all Owners will receive 15% off vitamins and supplements. We'll also be sampling wellness products and have smart folks in the aisles to make sure you're getting what's right for you and your health.
5.Discounted Classes (or Free)
*The Co-op will offer classes and events throughout the year and Owners will receive discounted or free admission. 
6. Patronage Rebate
*The Co-op will be repaying our lenders for the first 4-8 years of business. Once the Co-op is debt free, store profits go back to our Owners! Each year the Board of Directors and General Manager will decide how much money needs to be reinvested in the business (new espresso machine? Co-op Food Truck? Retirement plans for our staff?) vs. how much money should go back to our Owners. That amount is then divided amongst our owners based on how much they have shopped with us that year. The more you shop, the more you get back! It's not "retire by the beach money", but it is transparency and local economics in motion!

Questions about ownership? Contact us at!