OVER 900 MEMBERS ... and growing!

Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Jack McClain Written and Directed by Evan Cutler Wattles With special help from Ben Mahoney and Elizabeth Schoell

The Sugar Beet food Co-op will be a member-owned full-service grocery store in Oak Park, IL opening spring 2015.  

The Co-op will carry locally and sustainably grown organic foods, when possible, and be your “one stop shop” for high quality foods all year round.

Food Co-ops are different than conventional grocery stores!  

All of the profit will go back into The Co-op and, when possible, to its members. That means our grocery dollars stay in our communities to help support local businesses and farmers.

Food Co-ops are leaders in sustainability.  

The Sugar Beet Food Co-op will be in a LEED certified, geothermal building at 812 W. Madison in Oak Park.  As the store is designed and built-out, every effort is being made to choose environmentally friendly products and finishes.  Food Co-ops are super recyclers and our vendors will be encouraged to reduce packaging as much as possible.

The Sugar Beet Co-op is a DEMOCRACY.

The over 900 members of The Sugar Beet Co-op have a say in how this store will run, what products will be carried and who is elected to the Board of Directors.  With grand opening months away NOW is the time to get involved!  


Membership to The Sugar Beet Co-op is $250 per household and is a one-time fee. There are monthly installment options through PAY PAL as well as reduced membership rates for Seniors, Students and individuals using LINK. Check out our Membership Page for more info.

Photography by Susanne Fairfax.