The Sugar Beet Food Co-op is proud to feature Karma Kombucha! Karma Kombucha is Organic and craft brewed using only the finest quality ingredients and carefully controlled fermentation conditions to ensure each batch meets their high standards (and is absolutely delicious!)  The cultures have been meticulously grown over successive generations to ensure our kombucha is healthy and rich in probiotics. The kombucha is not pasteurized, heat treated, diluted nor processed to kill or reduce the beneficial microorganisms. Bottom line, with Karma Kombucha you get great-tasting, better quality raw products.

Karma Kombucha is produced locally in Vernon Hills, IL. Founder/Brewer Susan Fink is a Food Scientist who left corporate America to follow her passion of brewing kombucha. After feverish experimentation, Susan has developed a her craft brews using traditional techniques, creating a great-tasting product.

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