To Reserve Your Turkey please stop by the Co-op or call (708-948-7656) by November 14th. You will be asked:

  • Ferndale, Larry Schultz, or Timberfeast (more information below)

  • How many pounds? (We'll get as close as possible but cannot guarantee the weight.)

  • Your pick-up date. (Turkeys will be available 11/18 - 11/21)

  • We'll take a $20 deposit

At Sugar Beet, we are extremely proud to carry turkeys exclusively from regional and local family farms.  All are at minimum hormone free, and most are certified organic and pasture-raised. We think this makes a big difference for you, our community, and the Earth. 
Please allow time for defrosting of the frozen turkeys (the Ferndale & Timberfeast turkeys are fresh.) Size may vary - 
please designate desired weight and we’ll do our very best to match size ordered. Here is all of our Thanksgiving ordering info, from appetizers to desserts!


Ferndale Turkeys   
Cannon Falls, MN

The Petersons: Three generations of farmers in Minnesota

The Petersons: Three generations of farmers in Minnesota

All Natural/Pasture Raised Turkeys
Whole birds $2.89/lb
Bone-in Turkey Breasts $3.99/lb. When Dale Peterson and his wife, Fern, first started growing turkeys on their Cannon Falls farm, they did it the only way they knew how: naturally -  without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants. Their birds are free-range during the warmer months and fed a diet of grains, vitamins and minerals from a local feed mill and processed-naturally, without additives. Check out their awesome video here!


Larry Schultz

Owatonna, MN



Chatsworth, IL

Free Range/Cage-free/Certified Organic Frozen Turkeys Whole Birds $3.79 /lb Bone-in Turkey Breast $3.79/lb
Larry Schultz is a third generation dairy farmer farming on his family's land in Owatonna, MN.  The farm was organic before there was organic - the first and last time the land saw any herbicide was once in the fifties, which was the only experience they needed to forever embrace organics!  When Larry started farming in the mid 1980’s, he followed in their footsteps using organic methods and decided to certify organic in 1998 to more accurately describe what his products really are. We also carry their organic chicken eggs in our dairy department year round.

Mark & Katie with their bronze turkeys

Mark & Katie with their bronze turkeys

Fresh, Certified Organic, Pasture-raised/Rotationally grazed, Organic fed, Hormone/Antibiotic free, Local Whole Birds $6.99/lb

Timberfeast is the love project of Mark Brady and Katie Kennedy, two young farmers (and Sugar Beet Co-op Owners!) They are proudly and compassionately raising pastured animals and pesticide-free vegetables in the small town of Chatsworth, Illinois where Mark’s family has been farming for over six generations. Timberfeast raises pastured animals in the woodlands; the animals spend their lives outside, breathing fresh air, eating bugs and grass as they please. Their diet is supplemented with organically grown grain sourced from the Midwest Organic Farmer’s Coop.

Thanksgiving Menu Ordering

Let Sugar Beet help you bring natural, local, and great tasting food to your Thanksgiving gathering.  We have a number of great sides, platters, baked goods and desserts all made with the Sugar Beet attention to great quality ingredients and pride of craft.  Click here to check out the list of Thanksgiving options.  Orders for Thanksgiving will be taken through the end of day Wednesday November 14th.