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Wellness Wednesday Sale & Pre/Post Workout Nutritional Support Talk

Amy Silver from FFC!

Amy Silver from FFC!

Amy Silver, RD, LDN from Fitness Formula Club  will be speaking at the Sugar Beet from 7pm-8pm about PRE and POST workout nutrition - what types of foods and supplements are good for fueling and recovery. Want to get the most out of your workout?  Come hear about how you fuel your body affects your results!

As a part of Wellness Wednesdays, we will be offering discounts on all vitamins and supplements all day July 5th - 15% off for co-op owners and 10% off for non-owners.  Come learn how to best utilize some of our great products & save!

Can't come to the talk, but are still interested in better fueling and supporting your workouts?  Here are some tips from Allison our Wellness Department Manager:

100% whey protein isolate has the best absorption rate, getting straight to your muscles quickly.

Branched-chain amino acids before, during, or after a workout can help with muscle recovery.

With any protein powder or drink, either choose unflavored or make sure it's sweetened with Stevia or another natural sweetener.

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